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Earn money every time a student purchases your course. Get paid monthly through payment method of your choice.

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Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.

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Take advantage of our active community of instructors to help you through your course creation process.

What you need to do

DevCom has recommended standards for publishing courses on the platform. Our training development team is available to assist you. send a sample video of your training video to and we will give you feedback on all you need, to provide quality content.

Plan your course

  • A high-quality course image in line with a recommended image standard (Min 1920×1080 pixels).
  • A course title that includes relevant keywords. Separate the course into modules, each with a coursework or quiz.
  • A brief description.
  • A set duration to complete each module.
  • Clear learning objectives, target audience and requirements that are easy to understand.
  • A credible and complete instructor bio with profile picture.

Record your video

  • At least 30 minutes of video content.
  • At least 3 separate modules/lectures.
  • Valuable educational content.
  • HD video quality (720p).
  • Audio quality that is not distracting to students.
  • Clear and not blurry, so students can see your learning material easily.
  • Well-framed and zoomed-in appropriately, so student can easily follow along with what’s on the screen.
  • Steady, not shaky video.

Build your community

  • Give a 2-5 minutes introductory lecture telling them what to expect in the course and each module. This will be available for free.
  • Share useful content early in the course and not too much time on background and information.
  • Avoid lengthy lectures, to keep student engaged. Split into shorter-length lectures.
  • Lecture format vary. Choose your lecture format based on the material you are teaching. Recorded videos with or without talking head, video conference calls with whiteboards, article (text) lectures and practice activities are great.
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